Genox -GC Series Granulators 


GC Series Granulators are high speed granulation machines designed especially for the efficient size reduction of various materials in a single pass. These machines are ideal for processing a multitude of materials including plastics, rubber, fibres, copper cable and light non-ferrous metals amongst others.

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Read below for a brief overview on the Genox GC Series Granulators, or contact us for further information and to arrange a demonstration at your convenience.


These machines are characterised by their high efficiency, reduced power consumption and low noise, sound proof designs. 

Driven by a powerful motor, the roter baldes spin at high speed, cutting the feed material into smaller pieces as they interact with the two rows of foxed blades.

For processing different materials, special rotor designs, including V, S, C & CS configurations can be specified. Manufactured from heat treated AISI D-2 high alloy material, the blades demonstrate excellent wear properties. The advanced, precision machined rotor improves cutting efficiency and facilitates easy maintenace, reducing down time during blade changes.

Standard Features:

-Compact design minimizes on-site space requirements
-Inclined, split cutting chamber design
-Oversized, outboard mounted spherical rotor bearings preventing bearing damage due to product migration
-Precision machined rotors - Forward set V-Rotor configuration supplied as standard
-Replaceable wear plates either side of the cutting chamber
-Standard machines are prepared for air conveying of granulated materials
-Stand alone electrical control panel using high quality Schneider & ABB electrical components
-Tested, approved and certified to the current applicable "CE" safety stardard

V-Rotor:Our standard open V-Rotor with forward set blades is suitable for processing most types of material. The V-cutting (chevron) configuration of the forward set blades creates a highly efficient, double shear, scissor sutting action.

VB-Rotor: The VB-Rotor with rear set blades is intended for lighter duty applications. The greater shear angle achieved by mounting the blade behind the blade holder results in better performace when processing flexible materials such as plastic films.

C-Rotor: The C-Rotor is a heavy duty, high inertia, semi-closed shaft design which creates a cascade cutting effect. This rotor design is ideal for processing particularly hard or thicker materials, but is also well suited to processing profiles.

CS-Rotor: The CS-Rotor is a particularly open rotor design which allows more are for the material to fall into between each of the staggered blades. This rotor is ideal when processing hollow & bulky materials.

Model included:

GC600   GC600T   GC800   GC800T  GC1000


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