NEW 2014 Metalmax APB Series Pressbrakes. An impressive list of features! 


Our new 2014 range of Metalmax APB series have just started arriving in stock …. so we’re launching them early!

Metalmax pressbrakes are perfectly suited for all general purpose bending tasks. With an impressive list of standard features and ultra-competitive pricing, it’s hard not to consider these machines for your next general purpose pressbrake purchase.

Priced at $23,900 + GST, the APB 125-3200 DRO is set to impress.

Call Laurie Smith on 03 9706 8066 for more information, or email [email protected] for a quick reply.

Standard features and inclusions:

  1. 125 ton maximum bending force
  2. 3200mm maximum bending length with 2500mm between side frames
  3. Generous 320mm throat depth
  4. 120mm ram stroke
  5. Large 400mm open height
  6. Estun E10-D 2 axis digital readout, pendant mounted.
  7. Full set of top and bottom tooling

Not only are we confident that these machines will slot nicely into workshops across the nation, we’re also seeing enquiries coming from customers who were previously considering 6mm panbrake folders. Considering the small price jump from 6mm panbrake to 125 ton x 3200 pressbrake, it’s hard to find a reason NOT to buy the pressbrake. The performance between the two machines is not even comparable. The pressbrake wins hands down each and every time and also open up the possibility of getting new work on the machine that you hadn’t even previously considered.


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