The 20th edition of National Manufacturing Week will be held next week, featuring its most impressive conference speaker line-up to date with over 90 speakers, and more than 200 leading industrial suppliers of the latest technology and solutions to transform operational performance. Themed ‘Industrial Evolution’, the conference program and exhibition floor will highlight the industry’s transition to adopting high-tech solutions and integration of high-level engineering expertise to harness the opportunity of Industry 4.0

With a focus on driving further innovation and success for Australia’s manufacturing industry, National Manufacturing Week will offer a platform for professionals to source the latest high-tech products and learn about the solutions to support manufacturing processes. Visitors to National Manufacturing Week will be able to source solutions from over 200 leading industrial suppliers, who will showcase the latest advanced manufacturing products, technology and services.

“National Manufacturing Week 2019 falls at a truly exciting time of growth, evolution and resurgence in Australian manufacturing. The rapid emergence of smart manufacturing facilities and operations has created strong demand for highly integrated processes and high-tech operational solutions. Manufacturers attending NMW will be able to support the recent success and continue their advanced manufacturing evolution, by participating in the conference program or engaging with the industry’s leading industrial suppliers within the exhibition.” Robby Clark, Exhibition Director of National Manufacturing Week, explained.

“We know manufacturing business continue to actively improve their practices and refine their approach for future success. Improving business success and generating future growth is more than just doing what you’ve always done or assuming close enough is good enough, it’s about gathering the knowledge or sourcing the solutions that will help you to navigate the next industry evolution. The exhibitors at NMW in 2019, divided into six designated product zones, will provide manufacturers with the latest range of products and solutions designed to improve their operations, increase efficiency and resolve operational challenges.”

At National Manufacturing Week 2019, visitors will benefit from being able to navigate their way through the extensive number industrial suppliers via six designated product zones of Automation & Robotics, Engineering, Industrial Internet of Things, Safety, Welding Technology and Manufacturing, Solutions, which categorise the solutions on display. These product zones will offer manufacturers the ability to improve business processes, support their plans and transition to adopting more advanced manufacturing practices. With each zone to offer the following technology and solutions for visitors looking to improve their operations:

Automation & Robotics Zone
Research by the Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre shows Australia’s most successful manufacturing companies have an automation rate of 1.3 times that of less success companies (Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre, 2018). Automation is forecast to boost Australia’s productivity and national income by (up to) $AU2.2 trillion by 2030, while the global market for robotics and autonomous systems is forecast to be worth $AU23 billion by 2025 (Australian Centre for Robotic Vision, 2018). At National Manufacturing Week, a wide array of exhibitors will be showcasing their technologies and solutions to enhance automation adoption and efficiency challenges, within the Automation and Robotics Zone. This includes exhibitors such as: Gullco, Hiwin, Linak, Pilz, Robotic Automation, Trotec, Universal Robots and WAGO.

Linak Australia, an international leader in the design and manufacture of electric linear actuator solutions to improve employee experience and working environments, explained their focus for this year’s event was about demonstrating their customer relevance and product benefits: “LINAK’s core values include openness and honesty which allows us to listen and engage with our customers. At exhibitions like National Manufacturing Week, we can position our products in a way that highlights their numerous benefits in a range of different industry applications. Providing the right linear actuator solution with reliable movement for our customers application is our top priority.” Lee Aris, Techline Sales Manager, Linak Australia & New Zealand, said.

With James McKew, Asia-Pacific Regional Sales Director, Universal Robots, the market leader in collaborative robots (cobots) that are ideal for applications across industries where size, safety and cost efficiency is critical, sharing, “At National Manufacturing Week, we’ll be showcasing our new e-Series robots and our new e-Series cobot platform that includes technology that enables faster development for a wide variety of applications, with greater precision and sensitivity afforded by a built-in, tool-centric Force/Torque sensor. Like other Universal Robots offerings, the new e-Series offers unparalleled convenience. It takes just one hour to unpack the cobot, mount it and program the first task. End users with complex applications and diverse or uncertain future needs will benefit from the e-Series platform and our unique Universal Robots+ ecosystem knowing that their investment will be able to grow with them as their needs change.”

Engineering Zone
Industry 4.0’s shift from operational concept to reality has resulted in manufacturing requiring high-level engineering to re-design processes to support ever-increasing smart manufacturing facilities. Additionally, the Federal Government’s $100 million investment in the Advanced Manufacturing Fund in 2017, has driven the local manufacturing industry to create new jobs, grow businesses, improve productivity and increase global investment, by encouraging investment in new technologies, stimulating ongoing research, investing in engineers and scientists and providing test facilities for new products or developing business capabilities.

Visitors to National Manufacturing Week will offer an unrivalled selection of industrial suppliers for manufacturers looking to source the latest in engineering technology to support their smart factory and Industry 4.0 implementation plans, from exhibitors Excision, BVE, Dynacast, Elliot Engineering, FARO, KOBOT Systems, Peak Industrial, Profifeed Technologies and Prytec Solutions.

With Excision, Australia’s leading supplier of cutting consumable and machinery supplier, sharing the focus of their presence at this year’s event and their solutions on display, "Excision is the specialist in premium quality industrial cutting and drilling. With bandsaw blades at the core of our offering, we also offer a range of coolants, metal working fluids, cold-saw blades, TCT blades, magnetic drills & cutters to suit and punch and dies. At National Manufacturing Week, we'll also be showcasing our ‘Allclear Fume Control’ offering, by Excision, which provides insight into the latest development and technology to keep workplaces free of welding fumes, dust and other contaminants. With welding fumes classified as a carcinogenic, businesses must take measures to ensure their workforce are not subject to harmful fumes.” Dirk Howindt, Sales & Marketing Manager, Excision Australia, stated.

Industrial Internet of Things Zone
The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) is driving extraordinary change and evolution in the manufacturing industry, as machines are fitted or built with sensors, switches and intelligent controls to make operations smarter, reduce costs and increase safety. With Australia’s manufacturing industry is forecast to benefit annually by 14% to 25% or $50-88 billion during the next two decades through IoT implementation (ACS, 2018), it’s crucial for manufacturers to source the latest solutions to support this industry and operational evolution. Visitors will have access to the latest Industrial IoT solutions from exhibitors at National Manufacturing Week such as: Epicor, 4PS Software, CAD Group, Central Innovation, ECI Software Solutions, Freshworks, Gemu, Kronos and SYSPRO.

Discussing SYSPRO’s presence at National Manufacturing Week, Rob Stummer, CEO of SYSPRO Australasia, commented, “Implementing IoT technologies opens a world of infinite possibilities for manufacturers. Not only will it facilitate more streamlined and automated business processes, thereby reducing the need for human intervention, it will also improve service delivery, and enhance
customer experience. Customers using SYSPRO’s IoT toolset have reported immediate value as they have been able to track and monitor inventory in real-time from day one.”

“National Manufacturing Week is a great platform where we can focus on strengthening the future of manufacturing, by sharing knowledge and creating business networks that help others to unlock the full potential of their business. This is a major event on SYSPRO’s Australian calendar – we can’t wait to see familiar faces and inspire new delegates.” Rob Stummer, CEO, SYSPRO Australasia, said.

With Sandy Le Roux, APAC Principal Consultant & Applications Specialist, Epicor explaining their solutions on display will be targeted at Australian manufacturers looking to create a connected factory and leverage the benefits IoT in their operations, “The connected factory, based on the ability of machines to connect, monitor and control virtually anything, anywhere without human intervention, is a goal for many manufacturers in harnessing the benefits of IoT. At National Manufacturing Week, we will showcase an example of a connected factory in action, which visitors can experience through the example of a personalised luggage tag – from order to manufacture and then ship – without the intervention of humans. We’ll also be demonstrating how manufacturers can connect their machines for powerful insights and visibility, better manage customer interactions, and expand their eCommerce presence.”

Safety Zone
The importance of creating safer operations and improving worker safety is a necessary focus and priority for manufacturers, with the nature of work and high-risk environment resulting in both a high level of fatalities (7%) and serious compensation claims (13%), as documented by Safe Work Australia. Exhibitors within the Safety Zone at National Manufacturing will offer visitors the latest technology, products and services to improve their WHS standards, safety process compliance and reduce accidents. These exhibitors include: Atom, Axelent, CSA, Kemppi, SafetyMate, Tunstal, Vanguard Wireless and X-Pak.

As a global manufacturer of unique modular-designed X-Guard safety guarding, X-Tray cable tray systems and McCue Pedestrian barriers, which are designed to protect pedestrians, machines, forklifts, racking and operational facilities, Axelent help manufacturers improve their workplace safety. In discussing what will be showcase at National Manufacturing Week, Drew Hoxey, National Sales Director for Australia and New Zealand at Axelent, commented: “No matter whether you work in Food, Beverage, Manufacturing, Pharmaceutical, Transport & Logistics, Building & Construction or Mining, Axelent Australia has the safety and protection solutions you need. Axelent are a new way to look at facility and asset protection and we can help find the right amount of protection for your facility, so please visit our stand at National Manufacturing Week where we’ll be showcasing the new range of McCue pedestrian barriers. The McCue range of Pedestrian Barriers and partitioning systems are designed for any industry that has a warehouse, logistics centre, manufacturing facility, pedestrian or forklift zone.”

Welding Technology Zone
Research from Weld Australia shows the nation is facing a shortage of qualified welders despite growing demand on major projects in manufacturing industries such as defence, shipbuilding and aerospace, and a projected employment growth rate of 7.2% over the next 5 years. Australian welders require global best practice training and qualifications to be able to deliver on these projects.

With support from Weld Australia, visitors will be able to learn about advanced welding processes through high-quality and interactive experiences at National Manufacturing Week, and source the latest welding technology and see live demonstrations from exhibitors: Air Liquide, BOC, Gullco, Kemppi, Lincoln Electric, Lorch South Pacific, Tesuco, Supagas and Weld Australia.

Weld Australia, who actively represents Australia’s welding profession, will have a skills and training focused presence at National Manufacturing Week in 2019, offering the opportunity to learn and try the latest in welding skills development, “Weld Australia will have an Advanced Welder Training Hub on the exhibition floor which will showcase the augmented and virtual reality technology that is revolutionising welder training here in Australia, and around the world. Attendees will have the chance to see and try a range of different welding simulators, which are making welder training and upskilling safer, more cost-efficient and engaging for new and experienced welders.” Donna South, Marketing and Communications Manager at Weld Australia, revealed.

In discussing their plans for National Manufacturing Week in 2019, Lincoln Electric, a world-leader in welding, robotic and cutting solutions, shared: "For over 120 years, Lincoln Electric has been the world leader in the design, development and manufacture of welding, robotic welding and cutting solutions. With our world class Application Centre in Padstow, Sydney available as an extension of internal capabilities for customers seeking to evaluate and solve critical welding issues. During National Manufacturing Week, next week, come and see the innovative technology within our comprehensive welding and cutting solutions - like our next generation Hyperfill - a high deposition MIG welding application or our revolutionary structural fabrication system the PythonX. Learn about our commitment to create complete customer solutions for greater operational productivity and success, and our education offering that aims to create and grow the pipeline of welders to keep the manufacturing industry dynamic." Paul Smith, Marketing Manager, Lincoln Electric Australia.

Manufacturing Solutions Zone
Underpinning manufacturing’s industrial evolution to high-tech, highly integrated process and high-level engineering strategies, are manufacturers looking to solve common and frequent challenges that arise within operations. Within this zone at National Manufacturing Week, visitors will be able to source solutions to improve productivity and cost effectiveness across all types of operations from exhibitors: 3M, BAC Systems, Combilift, Duromer, Itelli Particle, Millsom Hoists, Rose Plastic and Saint-Gobain Abrasives.

With 3M set to feature their efficiency focused fabricating, assembling and processing solutions at National Manufacturing Week, Virginia Murphy, Business Manager, 3M Industrial Adhesives and Tapes Division, Australia & New Zealand, shared: "Design engineers are constantly challenged with reducing costs of production, while increasing efficiency and capability. At 3M, we develop and produce a diverse range of fabrication, assembly and process solutions to meet these challenges. This year at National Manufacturing Week, we'll be launching 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ DP 6310 which enables optimal stress absorption and highly durable bonds with minimal preparation between medium to high energy surfaces and 3M™ Scotch-Weld™ DP8407NS, which offers fast-curing bare-metal bonding and resilience in temperatures from -40°C and 204°C.”

“Additionally, we will be showcasing 3M’s new Silver range of abrasives powered by legendary 3M™ Precision-shaped grain technology. The New 3M™ Silver Cut-Off and Grinding Wheels have been delivering significantly less wear and faster cutting which saves time and costs for many of our customers. From ultra-strong abrasives that keep processes running smoothly to futuristic materials that can literally lighten your workload, find out more about our innovative solutions that keep your business and your employees working smoothly.”

National Manufacturing Week will take place from 14-17 May 2019 at the Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre, with free registration is available at:


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