News Of The Day

Thermwood Validates Additive Production of Yacht Hull Molds

Thermwood has already 3D printed a full size pattern which was used to produce production sport boat hull molds. Much larger vessels, yachts for example, require a different approach. In the...


Engineering innovation brings hope for a Parkinsons cure

Renishaw Oceania Pty Ltd

Global engineering company Renishaw has built a device that has been used in a ground-breaking clinical trial. Manufactured by Renishaw on behalf of the North Bristol NHS Trust, the device enabled the...


NEW 2014 Metalmax APB Series Pressbrakes. An impressive list of features!

Applied Machinery

Our new 2014 range of Metalmax APB series have just started arriving in stock …. so we’re launching them early! Metalmax pressbrakes are perfectly suited for all general purp...


Carbon Monoxide Training Course.

Testo Pty. Ltd

Testo Australia is running a Carbon Monoxide training course ideal for Gas Plumbers wanting to learn more on: • The dangers of Carbon Monoxide. • Symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisonin...