Machine tool apps 


We are committed to developing a range of machine tool apps for our customers which make installing, configuring, using and maintaining our systems even easier.

Smartphone apps provide information at a user's fingertips in a simple, convenient format. Available globally in a wide range of languages, our free-of-charge apps are perfect for new and less experienced users.

On-machine apps can be seamlessly integrated with a wide range of CNC controls. Apps are installed onto a Microsoft® Windows®-based CNC control or a Windows tablet connected to the control via Ethernet.

With touch interaction and intuitive design, smartphone and on-machine apps provide significant benefits to machine tool probe users.

Smartphone apps

The use of mobile technology – smartphones and tablets – and their associated apps has become firmly established as part of everyday recreational life. Recognising how they can also assist in a multitude of working environments, we have developed a range of smartphone apps for users of our machine tool probing hardware.

GoProbe app

The GoProbe app creates a probing routine with just a few quick taps. Simply select the required cycle and populate the data entry fields. The result is a single-line command that is entered into the CNC control.

Features and benefits:

- Creates the single-line command used by GoProbe technology with just a few quick taps

- Help text, images and animations provide further assistance

- Supports a wide range of CNC controls

Trigger Logic™ app

The Trigger Logic™ app provides users with a simplified method of customising their Renishaw probe settings that is faster and easier than following traditional printed instructions. 

Features and benefits:

- Suitable for use with both optical and radio probes – including tool setters

- Can be used to acquire and partner radio probes with their respective interface

- Help text, images and animations provide further assistance

NC4 app

The NC4 app makes configuring and supporting the range of NC4 non-contact tool setters simple. Engineers have a single point of reference for maintenance and troubleshooting tasks at their fingertips.

Features and benefits:

- Instructions to help installation engineers configure the NC4 system

- Animations to clearly explain common maintenance tasks

- Clear instructions showing step-by-step troubleshooting procedures

On-machine CNC apps

The manufacturing environment is rapidly evolving and Microsoft® Windows®-based controls for machine tools are becoming commonplace.

These touch-screen controls have provided us with the perfect platform for the development of on-machine apps which support machine tool probing functionality.

Set and Inspect

Set and Inspect is a simple, intuitive, on-machine probing app for customers who require an easy-to-use probing solution. Integrated help allows the user to easily create probing routines, whether they are manually run, single cycles or fully automated probing programs.

Features and benefits:

- Minimal training and product documentation required

- Automatically generates machine code

- Supports part setting, inspection and tool setting cycles


Reporter is a complementary app designed to view component measurement data in a quick and easy way. It can display measurement results from Set and Inspect generated programs as well as Inspection Plus measurement routines.

Features and benefits:

- Quickly view pass and fail measurement data at the machine

- Displays measurement trends for every probed part

- Results can be viewed live, as the part is measured


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