Volastic Hot Runners 


Volastic makes leading hot runner and manifold solutions for plastic mould manufacture.

They are not just another supplier but stand apart because of their technical innovation.

The Volastic hot runner is a thermodynamic marvel due to its design, as it channels and draws heat flow to the tip far better than their well-known competitors. This is a highly efficient design and it works to your advantage.

Other lose heat to the mould and have to run hotter than Volastic and that affects control too.

The result of this superior design is they run at lower temperatures and have far better process control and in the end you make a better part.

The efficient hot runner design means the precise temperature is easy to control and stays on a very narrow range and does not have the fluctuation from other hot runner systems.

Volastic’s technical superiority also extends to their flip over manifold design which ensures all the material arrives at the gate well mixed and of uniform temperature.

This has allowed mould makers being able to get new complex moulds to customers running faster, with difficult designs and special materials.

Even on thin wall moulding with low cycle times, gain that extra bit of production that results in more containers per hour. On some engineering products, Volastic has led to significantly better cycle times.

If you want to simplify manufacture of your mould even further, Volastic will supply you the whole hot halves for insertion into your bases.

If you want to make the best products in the shortest times, with the best quality then your moulds need the Volastic edge.

For more information, please download the Brochure and Catalogue.

Below the local contacts for Volastic Products; 

Thomas Mitchell
[email protected]
Ph: 1300 554 599, Mobile 0417 208 190 
Murray Lock
Ph: 0417 339 571
[email protected]

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